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Berkeley grad (Cognitive Science + Computer Science) with a lot of excitement and optimism for everything around me. Currently designing experiences at Outward Inc. Previously at Blizzard Entertainment, Innovative Design, and Bare Magazine.

I'm a creative problem solver with a background in design and software engineering. I have an insatiable desire to solve meaningful problems for people, particularly in projects that involve social good. Helping make people's lives easier is one of my ultimate goals in life.

In my free time I love photography, eating new foods, petting dogs, making lists, and trying new things. I'm currently learning how to box and shoot with film!

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Except I don't actually like coffee, so let's grab tea?
I'm currently located in the Bay Area, and would love to talk about what fonts make you angry, collaborating, the latest shows on Netflix, or anything at all.

Feel free to reach out at