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Stellar Build Challenge,
Spring 2018

Team: Me (UX/UI Designer, User Researcher), Michael Luo (Software Engineer)

A Twitch chat bot that allows you to donate cryptocurrency to your favorite streamers.

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Stellar Lumens ($XLM) is a Cryptocurrency used to facilitate payments between people. They recently held a Stellar Build Challenge (Spring 2018), which is essentially a hackathon for people to create something using Stellar. I partnered up with my friend, Michael Luo, who works at Twitch on the Payments team, to create a bot that would allow people to easily donate Lumens to their favorite streamers.

I was the sole UI/UX designer and worked on the landing page and the dashboard displaying data analytics for people using this bot.

This project won honorable mention.

Working closely with Michael, we went through how to facilitate these transactions and several iterations on the website, from basic sketches to the final prototype.


To begin, I sought to understand the goals of a Twitch user and Stellar user, and the use cases of cryptocurrency (all of which I was unfamiliar with prior to this project), to gain insights for the need of the user I'm designing for. I conducted secondary research, as well as interviewed 6 Twitch users (streamers and viewers) that range from casual users to more serious users.

  1. Over 177,000 streamers generated monetized content in 2017, some rely on streaming as their sole source of income.
  2. Many streamers are accepting other crypto donations.
  3. Cryptocurrency has many advantages over other payment methods (accessibility, no fraud, etc), but to many people it is still an enigma.


The intended user is the intersection of two groups of people: cryptocurrency users and Twitch users. Within this intersection there are two main types of people: the viewer (aka the donor) and the streamer (aka the recipient).


Dealing with money can be a hassle, especially when fees and other deterrents are involved. Novabot's experience aims to simplify the process it takes to give and receive donations. Simply donate by typing a command into the chat box, and your Lumens will be transferred. Easily view all of your transactions and set up the bot on the dashboard. In addition, this application can be a way to ease people unfamiliar with cryptocurrency into it.


The Dashboard